Feedback to Kelly Tranberg

Feedback From: Hannah Lewis

Feedback To: Kelly Tranberg

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Step 7


I like how you include your previous knowledge of inventories. Maybe include the name of your company on your title page. Also consider putting WIP in brackets after your first time mentioning work in progress. Great use of questions that you asked yourself during this step. I like how instead of just giving up and saying there is no inventory you made assumptions from what you had learnt during this semester.
Step 8

MYOB setup

MYOB training

MYOB quiz

Everything for this step has been completed and I like that your included a couple of sentences to explain what this step was.
Step 9

Business transactions

All journals report

Financial and discussion

All of your transactions are detailed and written well. Your analysis of your transactions is detailed and educational. I feel like this step is really well completed.
Step 10


You have successfully entered 3 journal entries for depreciation. You have included a very detailed discussion regards to depreciation which shows you’re understating for deprecation even after you mentioned that it confused. Your feedback is helpful also, so thank you!
Overall Overall, you have completed a well informative and an assignment where you have definitely shown your knowledge for the steps above. Well done and good luck!



Draft Step 7 – 10

Hi everyone! I have finished the last steps of my assignment.

Here is my step 7 – 10 draft! I hope you are all travelling well with your assignments and I am ready to give feedback! Now to prepare for the exam, good luck everyone!

Step 7


Step 3 Draft


Hi everyone,

Hope your assignments are all going well. I have completed my step 3 and have decided to post a draft so here it is. Hope you enjoy reading it. I have already posted some of this on my blog but this one goes into more detail.

Step 3

Have a good day.


Get to know my company


Afternoon everyone!

I just finished finding information on my new company and thought I would share it with you all. I am ready for this term so let’s do this!

The company I received on Friday was Automotive Holdings Group Limited (AHG).

AHG (Automotive Holdings Group Limited) is a diverse automotive retailing and logistics group with operations in every Australian mainland state and in New Zealand. This company is the Australia’s largest automotive retailer, with operations, as mention, across Australia. AHG’s operates via subsidiaries that include, Rand Transport, Harris Refrigerated Transport, Scott’s Refrigerated Freightways and JAT Refrigerated Road Services, AMCAP (motor parts and industrial supplies distribution) VSE (vehicle storage and engineering), Genuine Truck Bodies, Higer Bus, and KTM Sport motorcycles and HQVA (KTM and Husqvarna motorcycle importation). The current share price for Automotive Holdings Group Limited is $3.67, this be tracking up throughout the past couple of months.

The company was first listed on the Australian Stock Exchange on the 31st of October 2005. The Company has raised $45.7 million through the issue of 45.7 million shares and, at listing, had million shares on issue. The next year AHG acquired two Ford and Mazda dealerships in Auckland, New Zealand. Later that year, AHG acquired the McGrath Lander Group dealerships in NSW, this is one of the largest dealership groups in Sydney. This then consolidated AHG as Australia’s largest automotive retailer. In 2007, they acquired Zupps Group which is Queensland’s largest privately owned automotive retailing group. Throughout the years the company has made expansions to its subsidiaries and has had acquired many different businesses. In 2013, AHG agreed to a three year major sponsorship of the Melbourne Football Club in AFL. The company is forever acquiring and being rewarded business which are continuing to expand.

The current board of directors has seven people, one of which is a female. The CEO of AHG is John McConnell. He was appointed this role in August last year and assumed the role of Managing Director from January this year.

News articles

In the first article I found about AHG, it mentions how downgrades on May were largely blamed on the weak West Australia and Queensland economics to which AHG and AP Eagers, an auto- exposed stock listing. It is interesting to see that effects in the market effects different companies in the same category the same way.

The second article I read was posted on the 13th of June 2017 and was headlined with ‘Automotive Holdings Group: bumps in road but potential there.’ To begin with, they used an unintentional pun about roads when it is related to a car business. It goes on to talk about how the company ended the financial year on a sour note. It also talks about how the company downgraded guidance by 10 percent to $88 million, and shares hit a four year low of $2.91. The downgrade was against a backdrop of wakening industry fundamentals.

‘Two key concerns were:

  • Stalling new-car sales across the country (particularly in Western Australia).
  • An anticipated tighter ­financing ability, largely due to ASIC’s proposed ban on flex commissions for auto finance, which translates to lower revenues, and, owing to the company’s high fixed costs, lower margins.’

AHG has a long and successful history of acquiring auto dealerships and this is something that seems to be continuing over the years ahead. Acquisitions have driven about 10 per cent annual revenue and earnings growth in the past three years, well above new-car sales growth of about 1 per cent. I found this article really interesting and helped me gain further understand of the company.

To finish off here is a video of the South Melbourne dealership being built in 2013. This is just one of the many dealerships that AHG has acquired over their lifetime thus far. I am excited to get to know my company very well throughout the twelve week term.

All comments are welcome!

Hope everyone has a wonderful day!




Term 2 is approaching

Holidays are flying by and I am filled with anxiety knowing that some people have started writing questions on peerwise and have done a substantial amount of reading for this term!

It is a Sunday afternoon and I am dedicating it to getting organised for the term ahead, not just for financial accounting but for my other subjects. Writing down due dates, getting my textbooks organised and making sure I have pens that work for them to carry me through the next term.

I wish everyone the best of luck with the term ahead!